About Us

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Security Consulting Group was founded as the logical consequence and evolution of more than a decade of experience at a national and international level. Our mission consists of understanding the risks to which our clients are exposed and advising on how to cancel those risks or on how to contain them.

Security Consulting Group is structured in departments which deal with the planning and execution of our services in areas which range from safety to anti commercial-espionage and training. In fact, we organize high-profile training courses which have earned recognition with many police forces and Special Force units from various continents and with many corporations in different countries.

The high standard we have reached both in training and in execution is made possible thanks to our highly qualified personnel which comes from the most relevant units of our national Special Forces and from the investigative branches of our Police Forces who work in synergy with our commercial and business experts. The continuous and constant challenges of the problems posed by high-risk areas that we have had to face have allowed us to develop a capacity of analysis and execution which is difficult to find elsewhere.

Security Consulting Group

Security Consulting Group

Regarding the matters we have dealt with for more than a decade, people ask us to help them understand and resolve complex problems or to help them overcome the worries of the potential risks that a particular matter poses. Security Consulting group wants to be by your side in finding the correct way to understand and cancel your risks.