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When starting a particular project it is essential to know how to recognize and value the risks faced. The experts of Security Consulting Group will support you in understanding and mitigating hazards and risks, helping you to recognize and reduce your weaknesses and to organize a plan for dealing with a crisis situation, thus allowing you to prepare to face the problems involved and resolve them effectively.

Security Consulting Group is your ideal partner for the resolution of the safety problems of your industrial sites and of personnel in the geographical areas with a high risk of terrorism or criminal activity. Security Consulting Group will be able to raise the performance standard of the personnel employed in these areas and gives to those who travel, live or work in crisis areas the abilities to do these things safely.

Security Consulting Group has a group of analysts who constantly work on updated reports on the general situations and on the other matters related to safety, transport and communications, in order to have a complete analysis of all the necessary aspects.

There is no mission which cannot benefit from constant control and analysis

We have worked in direct contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for many years, with Embassies and Government Authorities and also with the armed and police forces of the countries in which we operate.

Working constantly in these situations has allowed us to establish local relationships based on reciprocal respect and understanding and this in turn is turned to the advantage of our clients making it easier for them to create long-lasting relations with central and local authorities. Security Consulting Group can find and supply all that is necessary to set up a radio network or systems of passive defense and monitoring of the area, for the control of personnel in the base, for the organization of personnel passing through the bases and in organizing transport.

Also, we are the partner of one of the leading companies in design, production and sale of signal jammers which deactivate remote control detonators. For this activity we have a staff of trained by the armed forces that have a vast experience working in the most important conflict areas around the globe.

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