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To all candidates.

The high number of CVs that we receive, probably due to the desire to work in a professional sector like ours in which many would like to measure themselves, puts us in a position where it is impossible to answer to all the candidates and to evaluate them with the attention they deserve. Within our area of work we are a consolidated group but we cannot constantly employ people how and where they ask.
Therefore we invite you not to send CVs if you do not have professional qualifications of the highest level, and we excuse ourselves to those who have sent in their CVs in the past months and to whom, for a question of time, we are not able to reply to. In the future we will only reply to those who we repute to be qualified to start a career in our sector, and only in case of real need.

If we do not reply, we ask you to please refrain from continuing to send your CVs.

Thank you for your interest and in your understanding.