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    Analysis, Activities, Training.
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    Analysis, Activities, Training.

SCG is your Security General Contractor Partner.

“For over 20 years we have been dealing with security for industrial sites and the protection of personnel working there, in geographical areas with especially high risks with regard to terrorism and crime.”
Carlo Biffani - Fondatore di SCG

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Travel Security

SCG can enable you to organize and monitor all the aspects related to transfers and travel of your managers, contractors and employees.

Business & Corporate Intelligence

We give you answers to what you want to know.

Risk reduction

Only a careful analysis and a plan for risk reduction and management will be able to guarantee the full success of your business.


SCG has a group of experts with longstanding experience in producing reports covering all aspects related to security.


SCG organizes courses for security coordinators and personnel directly involved in risky situations.

Training and Activities


SCG offers top level Training, dedicated to professionals who wish to enhance their level of knowledge, and for companies that send their consultants and employees to non-permissive areas and who are exposed to a range of real and potential risks.
SCG offers Training Courses concerning multiple aspects of Security, Intelligence, travel security and protection in risk situations..

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