Security Training

Training for Security Coordinators

The course lasts two full days and is aimed at providing the attendees with all the information necessary for starting to work in the security sector with private contractors or other organization operating in non-permissive areas.

There will be an in-depth survey of the international skills of a Security Manager in a firm dealing with and operating in the contexts described.
The lessons are held in a classroom and describe the environment where Security Managers work in accordance with current regulations, the special features the activities to be conducted for major corporations, the PSC and PMC scenario, mission planning in operational theaters, the explanation of the concept evacuation plans, Defensive Strategies and a look at some aspects involved in field work.
The course presents and discussed some of the cases involving our firm on the international level.

The instructor is Carlo Biffani, director of SCG, together with other specialists on the national level who will be announced shortly before the start of the courses.


The goal of this Training is to provide a number of essential points based on the concrete activities conducted in 25 years by professionals in the sector, with a pragmatic and non-dogmatic approach; the attendees will be able to acquire all the information necessary for planning and implementing activities, in locations and geographical areas with medium to high conflict levels.

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